Do influencers really make that much money?

Influencers with millions of followers, on the other hand, can earn tens of thousands of dollars per post. For example, some influencers have websites with a page where followers can contribute money to the influencer. For example, having a personalized product line or developing digital products are popular ways to monetize influence. A fashion blogger can be a great influencer to interact with on their social networks, since fashion and beauty are frequently intertwined and you can draw on a wider range of influencers.

But that doesn't mean it's not impossible; in fact, a lot is happening on social networks that promote body positivity movements and there is a greater demand for these types of influencers. One person in this crowded and often fierce space is Joe Gagliese, one of the co-founders of Viral Nation, an influencer agency that boasts the ability to “create the most viral, captivating and ROI-focused social media influencer campaigns for global brands.” With a creator account, influencers can use special links to tag products in their posts and receive a commission. But if an influencer regularly shares information about companies known for their ethical issues, it's worth rethinking following that person. This almost goes without saying, but not all Instagram influencers are famous only on Instagram or even just on social media.

This number varies depending on factors such as the influencer's engagement rate, the niche, and the right audience for the brand. Fortunately, the highest-paid Instagram influencers will have a fixed fee, and you won't have to worry about determining what the average influencer expects. In these relationships, influencers' charges are not based on fixed dollar amounts, but are more likely to refer to specific collections or requested products. A fitness influencer, for example, can receive a set of sportswear to try on and give feedback.

A sponsored post is when a company pays an influencer to present their product or service on the influencer's social media pages. We work with this influencer, Gerry Brooks, for example, who is a school principal and Facebook personality with almost 1 million “likes”; 90 percent of his followers are women who work as teachers and are 35 years or older. Next, we'll look at the most common ways that influencers earn consistent incomes and start their careers as influencers. Find out how much influencers earn on each social network and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy regardless of budget.