Is being a social media influencer a real career?

Despite the slander that SMIs receive, being an influencer on social networks is a true profession in which the influencer has a positive impact on the lives of their viewers, and can be a path to success for people who captivate the hearts and wallets of the audience. People think that influencing social networks is simply about wearing nice clothes with makeup and posting nice photos on them. Well, it goes far beyond that. Brands pay them to publish those beautiful images with their products and influence people to buy them.

Therefore, social media influencers win with social media marketing or affiliate marketing and earn a good amount of money. And we know that anything you do regularly and get paid for is work, so influencing social media is a real job. So this could be a career for anyone looking for a job in the marketing field. Many influencers who used to do this as a part-time job or as a hobby now use social media as their full-time job and some of them have also established their businesses after successfully establishing their influence.

So isn't this turning a passion into a career? Nor are influencers likely to be a flash in the pan, but their role in the future of marketing will continue to evolve and develop. If you're a member, you can connect with brands, friends and follow influencers, and at the same time find great deals. To be successful, they need to have access to an audience, preferably a large audience, hence their influence. For these influencers, this social media presence can result in becoming a mini-celebrity and the rewards of receiving greater professional recognition, along with the associated additional professional benefits.

A group that C4 Trends considers to offer an unclear career path is the influential people in the world of gossip, which goes far beyond tabloids and traditional celebrities. So all of this revolved around the doubts and questions that arise in everyone's minds when it comes to choosing influence on social networks as a profession. Alternatively, there is also a segment of professionals who have reached the level of social media influencers as a result of their experience in a given topic. Taking into account the facts set out above, it seems that social media influencers could be a valid career, but it may not be easy and, of course, not for everyone.

Some influential people have been working in this field for years, while others leave it in the middle due to pressure, mental health, technical problems, inconsistency and loss of audience, or it can be due to many other reasons. And since the use of social networks has increased in recent years, they have also opened up opportunities to earn and showcase your talent. This could explain why 67% of social media consumers even said that they would like to be paid influencers on social media for their favorite product or brand, and 30% said they consider themselves an influencer.