What is considered a mega influencer?

Mega-influencers are usually those who have built their audience mainly through the content they publish on social networks. Celebrities and mega-influencers typically have more than 1 million followers. With more than a million followers, mega-influencers are highly visible on social media due to their celebrity status. They are very active on social platforms where their audience spends time and generate a large amount of engagement.

This is what makes them attractive to brands that want to take advantage of influencer marketing and what makes them incredibly expensive. You're probably more familiar with these types of influencers on social media. Mega-influencers refer to social media stars with more than 1 million followers. The influencers who reached that magical number of 1 million followers are in the category of mega-influencers.

Most celebrities, movie stars, and famous names in the entertainment industry fall into this category, along with some ordinary people who influenced their path to the pinnacle of social media stardom. In addition to the opportunity to reach millions, working with great influencers is often very easy. Unlike most mega-influencers, macro-influencers usually have a number of followers (between 100,000 and 1 million followers) on the Internet. Small mistakes like these can have a lasting impact on a brand's reputation, so it's important to choose the right mega-influencer to partner with.

While micro-influencers have a much smaller number of followers compared to mega-influencers, brands generally consider this group to be much more effective in terms of engagement and trust. Just search on Google: “Influencer marketing doesn't see the consequences of a poorly planned collaboration between mega-influencers and brands.” But how do you decide which types of influencers are best suited for your business? What about the Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano categories? One thing brands should keep in mind is that, although they are more affordable than a mega-influencer, many macro-influencers also have agents ready to get a good deal. There's no doubt that there's a lot at stake, so you should be very careful when it comes to developing a collaboration strategy with a great influencer. However, no matter how surprising this all sounds, there are a couple of downsides to this approach that you should consider first.

And, because of the enormous amount of people watching every move these mega-influencers make, it's very important that any brand partnership is carefully considered and meticulously planned. With audiences of between 50,000 and 500,000, these types of influencers offer brands a wide reach and a little more participation than macro-influencers or mega-influencers. As more independent creators, micro-influencers don't tend to follow strict guidelines like macrocreators and mega-creators.