What role does influencers play in marketing?

Influencers have the power to attract more people to your products or services. That's because consumers trust the recommendations of their favorite influencers. Brands can use this to influence purchase decisions and generate more conversions. Consumers need multiple touchpoints with a brand to convert, which means that influencer content amplified by performance marketing combines the best of both powerful marketing strategies.

They create native ads that tend to attract consumers better, which, in turn, can improve advertising performance and improve overall conversion. Analysts can then identify the content of best-performing influencers and create paid ads to reach a precisely defined target group. Since influencers' content is perceived as more authentic, this often translates into higher engagement and conversion rates. Unlike a more automated advertising strategy, influencers are human beings and generally seek multiple associations, so it is possible that some may be late in their commitments to publish on time or make mistakes in the labels or calls to action you request.

If you've already started researching influencer marketing, you may have found conflicting information, with recommendations that range from that you should use influencers on social networks or that they aren't necessary to grow. According to a study by the Influencer Marketing Hub, this type of content is the reason why 31% of marketers are dedicated to influencer marketing. Rather than relying on thousands of followers, influencers will help you ensure that a very specific audience that is likely to be interested in your product reads your content and interacts with it. Having access to a social media influencer with extensive experience in creating content can make all the difference.

If content is still king, and there's no doubt that it still is, then influencers should be considered the superheroes who are capable of taking a brand's content strategy to the next level. Knowing how to accurately identify a brand's true key influencers plays a vital role in measuring the effectiveness of your content strategy. After enough brand partnerships, some have turned influencer marketing on social media into a full-time career. It can even be worthwhile to generate original content inspired by an influencer's own content and experience.

Influence must be defined as contextually applicable to a single topic and care must be taken not to confuse the terms “influence” and “popularity”. It may be more beneficial to work with influencers who share your values and embody your brand, since it's better to reach a smaller group that is likely to buy your product or interact with your brand, rather than thousands of people who don't match your target audience. Influencers have the ability to help attract more people to your products and services, since they have already earned the trust of their followers.