Who is the most popular person on social media right now?

Who else has finally unseated the original social media superstar from the top ten? a Kardashian. Khloe joins Kim and Kylie on the list just in time for the premiere of The Kardashians on Disney+ this April. And with 222 million followers on the most followed Instagram accounts, Kendall is not far behind. It was created after the founders of the Russian social network VK left the country after resisting government pressure to disclose data about users of the social network in Ukraine.

It is true that many celebrities have a large number of followers on all platforms, but social networks have also allowed previously unknown personalities to turn the fame of YouTube or TikTok into a real power and influence of stars. While the growth of these applications reflects an obvious interest in preventing crime, critics point out that the ubiquity of personal surveillance equipment and forums created exclusively around public safety promote a culture of suspicion in communities. The world-famous businesswoman and television personality has gained a large number of followers on all the social media platforms she uses. From personal trainers to professional fitness trainers, here are 8 content creators located in Boston that you should follow.

As seen in the visualization above, China has its own ecosystem of large social and messaging platforms, the largest of which is WeChat. Alphabet's video content center with social features has more than two billion monthly active users. Also notable is the power of Instagram, which was the biggest platform for 67% of the top 50 social media influencers. With a large and diverse fan base, artists account for half of the 50 biggest followers on social media.

In any case, social networks have become a main platform (or soap opera) for current cultural influencers. Every new day brought a new wave of controversy to the shores of once-infallible social media platforms. From Twitter to TikTok, this infographic compares the universe of social networks and messaging platforms by number of monthly active users. While older generations have had to adapt to social media platforms, younger generations have grown up with them.

These types of social networks are still quite new, so it remains to be seen if they are still niche communities or if they become something larger.