Why are youtubers called influencers?

Influencers are popular people on social media and other content sharing platforms who take advantage of their substantially large followers to promote certain brands and lifestyles. This can be very beneficial for brands and small businesses looking to reach new users and create brand awareness. The main goal of a content creator is to produce professional-looking content that generates traffic, followers, and leads. YouTubers are often referred to as content creators.

Content creators will need to understand what type of content products are best suited to their audiences, platforms and marketing strategy to achieve success and growth. Vlogs have come a long way since the beginning of YouTube, and YouTubers are now using high-end cameras, drones and microphones worth thousands of pounds, unlike the low-quality camera phones that ignited the vlog craze. But live streaming and vlogging have also become increasingly prominent outside of YouTube, on sites like Instagram and Twitch. This greater influence is manufactured by YouTubers in the way they present their videos and the content they contain, either with a sincere monologue about personal struggles filmed in their bedrooms or with a vlog in the style of a day in the life.

As expected, this type of audience size has meant that YouTubers, such as KSI, have an enormous influence on children and young people. It's very important for parents to talk to their children so that they know how and why their favorite YouTubers or other influencers can encourage them to buy certain products and services. The unique relationship that YouTubers have with their viewers has also given rise to a new form of advertising called “Influence Marketing”.